Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our free tub is in the bathroom

We picked up this 1990 Kohler cast iron tub the day after Christmas from our friends barn, and it's been outside in our backyard since. We have worked for over 3 months to get to this point where we could move it indoors. We were certainly dreading moving it in. If it wasn't free we would have bought a new fiberglass one to avoid this very thing. It had to be lifted vertically on its edge to get it through and not destroy the piping. Rory and one very awesome friend actually did it! They lifted and slid this beast into our bathroom and here it is in place. It needs to be cleaned after being outside for 3 months, but I'll do that after we tile.
I am so relieved that this step is done with and we can start putting the bathroom back together now.

Edited to add the latest, Rory framed it later this afternoon.

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