Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Reupholstry Job

Here are the seat cushions that I reupholstered. They were originally in good shape, but were off white snake skin patterned vinyl, yeah your heard me! Eeeew.

So that had to change. We are planning to use this dining set outside, so I purchased Sunbrella ® brand material for them, (they use it in all the high-end patio furniture, it's waterproof, UV resistant and really high quality.)

Now I have never upholstered anything before, so I kind of cheated. I didn't take off the existing material, I just went over it. Is that bad? They came out great, thanks to Rory's pneumatic finish stapler gun. I love having a husband that owns every tool I may need for my crafts. So here is the step by step, $30 worth of material and about one hour of time.

Original Cushion.

Cut material to cushion shape with additional 4" of material on all sides.

I hemmed the piece of material at about 3/4" on all sides.

I then began to staple the material to the back of the seat.

Pulling it taut as I went along.

Leaving the corners till the end.

I folded the corners down to a box corner, stapled them down and I was done.

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