Saturday, November 14, 2009

More finds to share

We went estate sale cruising again today. It's starting to be a weekly thing for us. We have a lot of estate sales in town every weekend and we are getting the hang of it.
You have to be there early so your the first to see everything, you have to be a bit pushy and having a wing man is a must. The local antique dealers and estate sale junkies are cut throat around here.
Today we used these skills to score these great finds.
The marble chess board was a simple buy from the local company that rescues abandoned livestock.

This is the score of the day. Rory and I had to be quick about it, as many people had their eye on this slip covered couch, chair and ottoman set. It's pretty much brand new, and it was a GREAT deal! We got a few envious looks as we payed for it and carted it away.
I have Baxter proofed it by adding a brown cover to the seat temporarily. I will have to get a nice fashionable throw. The whole cover is machine washable but Baxter would have me washing it weekly with those muddy paws of his!

We love the set, and the chair in our bedroom is so comfortable and cozy.

Oh yes I forgot the lovely copper coal scuttle, that I love.

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