Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some texture to our walls

We have spent the last two nights working on the bathroom walls. While Rory worked till 9:15 last night putting up the last of the hardiebacker around the tub, I tried my hand at applying a texture to the walls. The current walls are a sprayed on finish with a lot of little bumps, and we have added so many new pieces of drywall it would be really hard to match that finish. So I am going to redo the whole bathrooms wall texture.
Here is a close up of my handy work.

This is my first time doing this, so I hope it looks okay. I am doing a hand troweled technique. We think that really goes with the Mexican theme we are doing in the renovation. It's not easy I'll tell you that, but its kind of fun at the same time, like frosting a big cake.
You can see in this photo the area to the right is where I have applied the wall texture all over. Its still drying in this photo.

Rory is still at work fiberglass taping all the seams and holes, and then mudding over them.

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