Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coffee Sacks + Bit of Sewing = Toss pillows

I do like the sound of that equation. Now nothing new here, coffee sacks have been used for home decor for a while now, but I thought they go perfectly with our style. So I started to search the web for some great coffee sacks, when I realized the purpose I was going for just didn't really thrill me to use real burlap sacks.
Burlap although I love the texture and look, is not the best to lay your head against. It's scratchy and has very large weaving that can snag easily. I loved the look of these real burlap sacks others had used.

Using these framed coffee sacks as my main inspiration, I started painting with fabric ink pens on 100% Linen.

Here they are on our couch, we love them!
The are soft and cozy, and we will enjoy the extra pillows. They are clearly not authentic burlap sacks, but I think they look just as good.

The DIY Show Off

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The DIY Show Off said...

Wow! These are amazing! They're so $$$ boutique! Great job! Thanks for linking to the Earthy Essentials party! I'm including a link in tomorrow's highlights! :)

Have a great weekend, Nicole!

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