Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A few of my favorite things

Life is so much more wonderful when the tasks we rather not do become easier with the proper tools.
I have to rave about the things that currently make my life easier. I do love these things so.
First of all this Olfa rotary cutter, and special board I bought about two months ago from our local fabric store for a sewing project. The sharp pizza cutter like blade is so fast and simple to use with a straight edge. The green board underneath is designed to not score or get damaged by the blade, it's amazing!

I've used it a few times, but most recently for the throw pillows I just made. I had never seen or heard of one of these in all the years I have been sewing, which is about 12 years now. I wish I would have bought one when I started. It saves so much time that I would waste measuring and cutting with conventional fabric shears. With this rotary blade I can cut into 4 layers of fabric at once and not have to pin them together! Holy cow that's a big deal, well for me at least.

The other new item in my life that I have to mention is this bottom basin rack that's made for our model Kohler sink. The first 7 months we've had this beautiful white cast iron sink I have had to clean off the gray scuff marks left from pots and pans with a special cleaner. It was a nightly process to make our perfect white sink just that again and agian.
My grandmother always told me to get a sink liner to protect the sink, but I hate those rubber bottom liner things. So I ordered this hesitantly but hoping it would work out well, and I love it. It is a custom fit and it is so easy to wash everything and it even protects dishes if dropped into the sink.

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