Thursday, November 3, 2011

Squash art

What is it about pumpkin carving that makes you feel like a kid? The smell of a pumpkin just brings me back to being little and the first time I remember scooping out the "guts" with my hand. The whole process is so unique and totally fun!
This year was the first time we have carved pumpkins in years. We had two of our friends over for a carving party. We have used for their off the chart awesome templates in the past, and this year we went back for more.

Here are Stephanie and Bear having some fun with the radish eyeball apps. I had made them last year also for our pre-haunted house party. They are really simple to make, they look great/creepy and they taste so good!
Stephanie is wearing a really cool white feather wig in this picture. That was about the extent of the costumes this year. It was the first time in years that we haven't dressed up.

Here is Bear's Zombie creation, he used a drill to quickly drill holes all over the back of the pumpkin for a really great effect.

Stephanie, who is so creative came up with her design by combining elements of two templates she liked and her own ideas, she free hand drew this right onto the pumpkin. Pretty impressive, and really cute!

Mr.B used the template for the "headless horseman", I love the flaming pumpkin head.

I have a thing for owls, they are such beautiful birds. This little cutie was irresistible, so I had to carve it.

We had apps and dinner followed by hot mulled cider and pumpkin pie. During the evening we watched scary flicks (more like listened to them in the background), as we carved.
Here we are posing by our creations in the dark.

The next night (Monday) was Halloween. Mr. B and I carved another pumpkin each.
I went with Edgar Allan Poe, I just love this one!

Mr. B went with a goofy Jack-o-Lantern face for fun.

Hope you all had a fun and treat filled Halloween this year!


The DIY Show Off said...

Those look awesome and it sounds like a fun get together! For the first time ever, we didn't get pumpkins this year. :( I love the owl one you did! Great job!

Creative Genius (at work) said...

These photos turned out soo good! I had such a blast carving pumpkins with you & Mr. B. :) I finally put them in the compost this weekend, after seeing the cat get more and more scared as it decomposed! Bear's design held up perfectly - the drill holes didn't age so gracefully tho...

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