Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pincushion sweets

Today I felt I had to make a pincushion in the shape of a cupcake.

So I did.

I really winged this one, so I don't have step by step tutorial in case you want to make one of your own, but I can try to explain what I did.

I cut a large circle out of cream color felt, about 9" in diameter. I then cut a frosting shape splatter out of pink felt and stitched it on with brown embroidery thread.
I basted around the outer edge of the white circle for the next step.

The basted stitch made it so I could pull it tight and gather the bottom for a nice little pillow.

I took some upholstery batting and tore it apart to make stuffing.

Here it is all stuffed. I think it looks like a Chinese dumpling. It actually gave me a major craving for Dim sum, yummy!

I had this one small white ramekin dish that didn't match any of my others so I pushed the stuffed pillow into that. You could hot glue it in to secure it, but I didn't.

I had the sleeve of an old cashmere sweater that the moths got to years ago, (darn moths, I hate them!) so I hot glued that sleeve cuff to the outside of the ramekin. I also glued a small circle to the bottom to make it look neat and finished (not pictured).

Final steps are the cute finishing touches. I felted a red "cherry" for the top and pinned it in with a leaf green sewing pin. I also glued on a cute grosgrain ribbon with polka dots.

Cute enough to eat!

Here it is with some of my pins stuck in it, kind of like sprinkles! I just love it.

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Lizzie @ PrettyCityThings said...

That is so cute - I think I might have to make one too! :)

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