Monday, January 24, 2011

The Time has Come!

Check out the new clock, we pretty much love it! I have been on the look out for a clock for our home ever since we moved in. I had the space all picked out for 18 months, but I could not find one in the right size. I knew I wanted it to be wood and rustic, also large but it had to fit the wall.

So while I waited for Pottery barn to make a perfect clock for our home, like this but 4" smaller in diameter please.

Or this beauty that is a whopping 30" in diameter and that would make it about 7" too large to fit our wall.

So what did we do? We ordered it custom! This is our carved wine barrel clock, 23" diameter just our size. Its the perfect stain color, finish, and design too. Made out of the top of a used wine barrel, so its eco-friendly as a wine barrel is used only 3 times before it has to be discarded or made into something else.
But best of all its local, and supporting a local company is something I would rather do any day than buy from a large retailer like the Pottery Barn clocks above.
Oh it also goes along with our stave coat hook that I made last month out of a wine barrel, seen here.

Here is a close up of the 3 dimensional sunburst carving.

Check out their website.


Janet said...

Love your new clock, because of the placement and size you will be able enjoy its beauty from many different

Amy said...

its gorgeous! I can't believe it use to a wine barrel - how cool!

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