Thursday, January 27, 2011

All you need is Love

Da dadada dah!
Sorry I have been on a Beatles kick since Christmas, Rory bought us the best of the The Beatles from 1962-66 & 1967-70. So its been nothing but the boys from across the pond for over a month.

So get on with it! With Valentines Day in just a little over 2 weeks, and I am seeing some lovely decor in Blog world. Personally I have never decorated for Valentines day, probably because of my very odd and very real refusal to decorate with the colors pink and red. But it is a new year and I think its time to give a little pink a try.

Trisha at The Sweet Survival has a great tutorial on this beautiful crepe paper rosette topiary. She has an awesome blog and the step by step shows you just how to replicate these adorable and simple pink paper roses. So I followed her lead, but with a Mrs. B twist and strayed from her perfect and neat little topiary to make something of my own.

Image via The Sweet Survival

This Jumanji like Wisteria vine at my parents house has been my inspiration lately for making my own wreath bases. I made one the other day out of cut wisteria vines, it's now on our front door. It needs the trimming anyway, and the materials are free.

I clipped quite a few of the newer growth vines that were still flexible to form them into the letters for Love. The lower case "e" was the hardest!

But where the vines wouldn't bend or go my way I simply spliced the vine and used it to tie knots like twine.

Then I got out the craft supplies and got crafting. I already had the pink crepe paper from a birthday party a couple years back where I made a pink flamingo piƱata for a friend of ours.
Seen here
So I used the technique of crepe paper rosette making from the blog linked above. I collected Spanish moss from the oak tree droppings out front. Heated up the glue gun, and started to decorate the vine letter wreaths.

Okay so I didn't cover them with pink rosettes, just a few for color and I went a little crazy with the pale green Spanish moss for a very weathered natural look.

The larger heart shaped wreath was also formed out of extra wisteria vines and covered in Spanish moss. I think I might just be okay with this much pink in my house for a couple weeks, after all it does a fantastic job of reminding Mr. B that Valentines Day is coming up!


Raiza said...

Oh wow!! Nicole that is fabuloso!!!

i am in "love" with it ;)

um... can i commission you to make one for our wedding???

Mr. + Mrs. B said...

of course!

Trisha @ The Sweet Survival said...

I love how organic it is! So cute.

marygrace said...

I love it! Your craftiness never ceases to amaze me!

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