Saturday, August 28, 2010

Paint = New (to me)

A bit of paint is all somethings need to make them shine again, even if they have never been pretty to begin with, it can help!

I've been looking for a thread holder for my art (& craft & sewing) room. My sewing box is full and I need to utilize some vertical storage. I saw this thread holder at an estate sale 3 weeks ago, it was marked for $8 and it had a missing/broken dowel, so I passed it up. Then yesterday I went to a local charity thrift store and saw it again marked for $4, still too much money for that sad piece of particle board, but I bought it because its for a good cause and I need the storage.

I hit it with like 3 coats of spray paint, apparently particle board loves to drink paint. Then I hot glued on a trim of linen scraps I had left over to help the edge look less hideous. These are all my thread spools, and look how much room I have left to fill it now!

And now for something completely different! The fence. Our fence is an old cedar fence that was here long before we moved in. It is baldy weathered and leans this way and that. You can see through it in spots where the boards are warped, but for now it stays until one day we replace it. So... I thought stain it! Well Paint stain it, its a mixture of paint and stain in one and is semi transparent, just what I needed to cover the variance of colors from this old fence.
Here it is before

And After! It looks black in this shot but its not, the sun is above and behind it at this point so it looks much darker than it will with the sun on it. But it looks great!
Please excuse the piles of plants and rake in the shot, I am too tired from painting to pick those up till tomorrow. I didn't quite finished the fence either, I ran out of stain and the paint store is closed till Monday, so this project can officially get completed next week.

Here are some closer shots that show the brown a bit more how they appear in real life.

Some of you may know that I was toying with the idea of paint/staining the fence turquoise, okay I actually painted two boards with the sample, and although I loved it in a small amount I knew the entire fence would be too much. I'm glad I went with a neutral color this time.

Mission Brown

Well I'm officially pooped, sunburn and I think I may even order a pizza for delivery! I hope your day was filled with accomplishments or fun!

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Raiza said...

Love the paint stain! you always give me inspiration to create... even though it never happens... lol.
I did clean my house top to bottom this weekend and that wore me out. Toby fixed our screen door, yay!

:) Yum pizza... I want that now!

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