Thursday, August 26, 2010

I spent it

The gift cards that I won from Domestic Ease! I spent it all today, but only came home with some of the goods. The bigger items were not all in stock, so I'll have to wait for them to be delivered, hopefully that will be soon.

I did bring these two cuties back tonight. I'm very excited to use them, and can't wait till the apples ripen in my dads orchard so I can make a beautiful pie in this Emile Henry large ruffled dish. I love the gorgeous earthy brown. I just might be using it to practice for this years local apple pie contest.
I also got my very own french rolling pin. I've always wanted one of these and have never bought one for whatever reason. It should make rolling many desserts and pastas a dream.

~Thanks again to Domestic Ease for the fab giveaway~

1 comment:

Raiza said...

When I took drum lessons and had a drumset, I had Vic Firth sticks... never knew he made rolling pins too!!!
That dish is amazing!! :)
Good finds!

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