Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wedding gifts, Check!

We have been bringing over all of our new & unused wedding gifts that were given almost a year ago, and we finished today. They have been stored at my parents home since October 11th 2008, as we had no room to store or use them before in the rental house. It has been so much fun reopening all the beautiful gifts and actually having a home to put them in. Everything has a place!
One of my favorite things to unpack and display are the 12 place settings of Denby dishes that were given by a number of family guests. First found by my mom, while her and I were looking for registry items last May, she saw 4 sets of the dishes in the Santa Barbara store and bought them for Rory and I promptly, as she knew the quality of the brand. They are so beautiful, and just our style. I put them in our cabinets with the glass doors so I can see them everyday, even though they are only for special occasions.

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