Sunday, September 27, 2009

DIY, and garage sale finds.

We found some great buys at the Saturday morning garage sales this weekend. Rory and I and the "Mama One"-Kim all went together and had a great time. We found so good stuff to at bargains. This cute chicken dish is one of my favorites, and the candelabra Kim bought for us looks great. I also got a great big basket, a beautiful blue vase/pot and a perfect sturdier umbrella holder that we needed badly.
After Kim left to go home Rory and I continued with some fixing up and projects. We picked up a can of spray paint earlier in a fun blue to add some bright color to a few things. I found this old potting bench over at the other yard that I have been meaning to put to use. We went to Rite Aid in town and they happened to have outdoor seat cushions for 90% off and we scored these two for $3.00. I sewed them together, added some ties out of rope and here is our new bench.

I also used the paint to color this 70's looking wood shelf that was in our 1/2 bath off the kitchen, and Rite Aid had all fall stuff for 50% off so the chicken and the cider box decor was another couple dollars. I think they look really cute, and now there is something in that bathroom!

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