Sunday, September 6, 2009

Coming along.

The place is really coming along. I have been busy trying to decorate/fill in the voids, and its feeling more and more like a home. I recently picked up some dining furniture and bar stools, also some drapes that were on sale for our bedroom and bath. I spend part of our day off sewing black out material to the drapes. They are a linen material and were letting in too much light for our room. Rory really wanted black out drapes so I bought the material and attempted it. It is quite thick and almost plastic like, but I managed. They work great, but it did change the look of the drapes a lot. They had a lighter look about them and now they are much heavier looking drapes. The material is similar to burlap, and I think it looks great even with the black out. We are going for the rustic decor look, so it goes.

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