Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blue eyes, blue eggs

After a bit of advice **cough, criticism, cough** I decided that my faux chocolate Easter bunnies needed a certain feature added to their cute little faces.

Here are the bunnies I painted last week, plain faced and just missing something.

Here they are now! I went with blue eyes after a bit of inspiration from my aunts new Easter banner. She sent me a picture of it and it was clear that my bunnies needed baby blues.

I finally put out the rest of my Easter decor, here are the birds nests and eggs I display on my milk glass pedestal and domed plate for our dining table.

I also hung my favorite DIY wreath so far, my egg wreath. I made it last year using acrylic paint and cheap plastic eggs, oh and a lot of hot glue.

So for our traditional Easter dying this year, I am going all natural. I am tired of doing the same old artificial dye for our hard boiled eggs.
I found this beautiful blog on how to dye your eggs vibrant, and not so vibrant colors using real food. I plan to try out this bright blue that is achieved by soaking eggs in purple cabbage water!

Wish me luck,

& Hope you all have a wonder Easter weekend.

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