Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fake Chocolate! A craft.

I know that title sounds so wrong, I agree but sometimes for decor purposes we need to make fake things that look edible things.

Easter is right around the corner and I love to put out candy eggs, jelly beans, & chocolate bunnies. Well this year that just isn't an option. We have had rainy weekends lately and the ants are venturing in with a purpose. A purpose to find any tiny little crumb that resembles something edible (or not) and charge it! So I have been doing a lot of cleaning lately, and ant proofing everything in our home.
This ant attack has actually had a silver lining, I am getting quite organized and my cupboard is looking better than ever. Giant tupperware is my friend, giant tupperware is my friend!

Okay my problems aside, here is my fast and easy Easter craft.
Faux Chocolate Bunnies!

I went to the local craft store and picked up these cheap paper mache bunnies, for $3 each. I had the acrylic paint, the satin clear coat and grosgrain ribbon already in my craft stash.
Other materials used, • small paint brush •scissors •that's it!

All I needed to do was to make them look like this!

Two coats of acrylic paint in "Dark Chocolate" I'm not kidding that was the actual name of the color.

They were looking just like the shade of delicious chocolate, but slightly too dull in finish.

I gave them a light spray with satin clear coat to make them appear like shiny molded tempered chocolate bunnies.

Dressed them up with a grosgrain bow around their necks, and put them on out table.

Mr. B will be headed up to the attic to fetch the rest of the Easter decor tomorrow so I can put it out tomorrow. It's supposed to be a rainy Sunday, so I will have fun putting it all out.
These guys actually are quite believable, every time I walk by I am tempted to bite their ears off.

I got the idea from my idol Martha, but her version seemed way more time consuming and the materials would certainly cost much more than my project.

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