Saturday, December 3, 2011

Perry, the cardigan

The project that has been taking up the last 2 months of my free time, is now finished! Meet my new cardigan named "Perry"
Here is the pattern by Michele Wang at Brooklyn Tweed dot net.
Here I am wearing mine!
Please excuse the no makeup, undone hair, and dark circles under my eyes. If you know me personally, you know I don't wear makeup, so for this shoot I may look a bit pale and scary, and I apologize. Next time I take photos of myself for this blog I think makeup is a must!

Note that the skill level is a 2 out of 5. This was by far the hardest pattern I have even done, and I was only able to because of the step by step class I have been taking for it. I have been going to a Saturday morning class every two weeks just to learn how to do the math involved and steps for knitting a garment like this.

It's super comfy to wear, and soft! (Sorry Brooklyn Tweed's Wool Shelter is so itchy to me) I knitted it out of Canopy worsted. It's a 50% Baby Alpaca, 30% Merino, & 20% Bamboo blend, in Sarsaparilla color.

Here is my, Mr. B is in the Garage and I can't wait for a photo of me wearing it, shot.

This is a good shot of the lace detail on the bottom edge. I did it a bit differently than the pattern, not intentionally at first but I liked the look after I noticed.

I am really proud of myself for finishing the sweater. It was a huge project, but I learned so many essentials from the class, and now I can say I have made a real garment. Not just a hat or scarf!


janet said...

I'm proud too! BTW you look great!

Maven said...

Great job! I bought the pattern last winter and haven't invested in the yarn yet. I did a google image search to see the finished product by another knitter. Thank you for posting. This winter I think I will go for it. Your Perry looks great!

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