Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hope you all had a Great Weekend

We sure did. It was a weekend full of amazing food, a fun time, and great gifts.

Rory and I enjoyed our 3rd year in a row of our traditional homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast Christmas morning. Baxter really enjoyed his traditional Christmas breakfast of a Prime rib bone from our dinner the night before.

We opened our gifts, one of which was a Wii from Rory to us! It's so much fun actually and here is a Wii version of Baxter and me.

From all the rain these humongous toadstools have been growing on our lawn, this was right as we left for our long morning walk.

The rest of our day consisted of relaxing, eating and another walk. The perfect lazy Christmas day. Hope yours was great as well!

1 comment:

marygrace said...

Looks like a lovely day:) Baxter is so cute!!!

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