Sunday, December 5, 2010

Felting, a new hobby

I know, I know, I need another new hobby like a hole in the head don't I? Well I think I found a really cute one that will hopefully produce a Nativity set before Christmas. Its pretty fast too, needle felting. I saw these adorable little guys on Etsy, and I had to try my hand in it.

Here is my first felted animal, a little lamb.

It's pretty simple really just make a form with pipe cleaners, then add un-spun wool and poke it with special needles until you get the right form. I bought a how to book and the supplies yesterday and had the lamb done in about 2 hours. I plan on starting a 'burro' today.


Janet said...


marygrace said...

I love this! That little lamb is so sweet. I can't believe that's just felt and pipe-cleaners, it looks so perfect! Dying to give this a try ... I'd never heard of this until I read your post just now.

Anonymous said...

How hard is needle felting? I am intrigued! I found a cute book on making needle felt dogs and want to hear another beginner's perspective. Also, where do you get your supplies?

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