Thursday, February 25, 2010


We love to demo, it's almost as much fun as putting in all the new pretty stuff. It's exciting to see everything get ripped out and start with a new canvas. But it can get messy! We have encountered why it's not good to let cracked grout in a shower go for a long time, mold! That's why, we found mold. The whole shower is going to be re-tiled anyway, but now I want it all out asap. We need to see if there is any other damage that needs to be replaced.
It hasn't been too bad not having a master bath for the last couple weeks, but I'm eager to have it all finished and clean again.

The vanity is fully out, the floor is mostly gone and the toilet and shower are coming out this weekend.

Just a few floor tiles left under the toilet. But all those tiles have to come out of the shower!

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