Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hawk behavior

Well here is the latest tile progress. I was hoping to finish putting it all up by the end of today, but the tile had it's own plan. We got up a good amount of yellow, and pretty much finished the blue trim pieces. It looks good, it's bright yellow and a new look from the gray hardybacker we have been looking at for 2 months.
Note: Rory changed the blue trim piece set up on the back splash above the stove, He mitered the edges, (see below post for the before) we think it looks way better mitered.
Also the oil painting I finished last week is now up in our living room. I am satisfied with the first oil I attempted. I am not designed for oil, as I don't have the patience for it. But the process is growing on me.
Do you think it's too small for the space? I was just noticing that, but Rory said it's a fine size.

So, we had a bit of a distraction during the tiling job. We kept hearing a bang every so often while we worked and after about 30 minutes of it we saw what it was. A Hawk was trying to get in our house! He was flying into the french doors and windows on purpose over and over and over again for hours. Baxter wanted to kill it, and the hawk wanted to take Baxter on! It was distracting and also a bit disturbing. We thought it was over with after he was gone for about an hour, but when we got back from the store and sat down for dinner, BANG! Again at the front door glass. It flew back up into the tree and then again on Rory's truck. It is so bizarre I can't even explain it.
If you click on the pictures they should get much bigger so you can see the hawk and detail of the painting.

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