Friday, August 21, 2009

Sealed and ready for wax. First night in new house!

Here we have pictures of the counters from this morning. Rory finished the 3rd coat of sealer late last night and they will be ready today after work for a coat of beeswax and then buffing. I can't wait. You can see a satin finish to the sealer, and a reflection in the counters now that wasn't there before when they were raw.

We spent our first night in the house last night. We woke up to a beautiful back yard view through the french doors of our bedroom. When we were making coffee this morning standing in our kitchen, I looked at Rory and said "We look like real adults now" and I feel like it too. We have an adult sized home now and there's room for normal life. Last night as we brushed our teeth we weren't bumping into each other, we have 2 sinks!
Rory was sad and sentimental about leaving our little old rental, but I wasn't.
This is going to be fun, and exciting.


Jamie | Jamie's Recipes said...

After having these counters for a few years how do you feel about them? I am considering these for our kitchen remodel

Mr. + Mrs. B said...

We love them! It's been 4 years and they are great. Mr. B resealed them a couple times since install. We always get compliments on our counters and I love working on them. They do have some staining wear, or "patina" to them but I like the look. The one thing that really stains them is citrus juice. If I could just get Mr. B to cut his limes on a board!!

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