Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nicole-One, 33 year old contact paper-Zero

I spent the entire day scraping out contact paper in both of our bathrooms in our new place. There was no way we were going to move our stuff into those cabinets without completely sterilizing them.

The original contact paper was still on every surface, and in some spots it had 3 layers of contact paper, each marking it's own era in time.

The 70's version which was the original was the hardest to remove because it would tear from going brittle over the years. But a sharpened putty knife and a lot of scraping took care of it. Then I painted all the cabinets, shelves and drawers with two coats of white paint, and tomorrow I will re-contact paper them in white.

Rory worked diligently on the all the templates and started the molds for the counters. He installed the sink, (it's awesome) and he should get the concrete going on Tuesday when the materials get delivered.

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