Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nursery complete, well minus one thing...

The final touches are done and we are ready for baby. The nursery has had a lot of additions since the baby shower. We received so many wonderful gifts, & I picked up all the other little necessities and I've had so much fun setting them all up!

I finished the final painting that hangs above the crib.  It says, "Keep clever little FOX" "Be brave little BEAR" & "Grow wise little OWL"

The wall of books is really filling up, with some adorable stuffed animals from our shower gifts here and there.

Mr. B installed a closet rod in our existing TV armoire and I converted that space into a little closet for all of her adorable things!
Some of the dresses are just so cute, I can't wait to see them on her.

The "changing station" is all ready to go! Mr. B picked up this awesome stainless steel diaper pail in the cutest color, Robins Egg Blue, its an Ubbi brand pail.

The bassinet has been set up for a while, and I plan to keep it just by my bed for the first few months for convenience during night time feedings.

I picked up a few organizing baskets to keep all the important items right there at hand. Including this adorable Fiestaware turquoise creamer at a barn sale to store pacifiers and other detrimental tools!

Yesterday I went to a fun event at a friends Ranch. It was a collection of different local artists, craftswomen & men selling their goods for a benefit. I had a great time, and picked myself out a few early Mothers Day gifts.
My favorite is this handmade Turquoise leather clutch bag. The photo doesn't do it justice, the quality of the leather is so wonderfully soft and touchable, yet thick and durable. It holds my giant wallet and phone and few other important items and fits perfectly in my diaper bag...which I assume is going to be my new purse.

The Laundry room got a new decor piece too, I picked it up at the Barn Craft Fair as well. It's a handmade wooden sign with just my colors, and the cutest saying. As you may know I will be spending more time in my laundry room, so I might as well love the way it looks!

The best part is that the sign completely covers the ugly plumbing for the washer!

Now we are just waiting for Baby B to make her appearance!
Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful moms out there! Mom you are the best!!

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