Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby bookshelves

Mr. B built the baby some new shelves. After I requested some of course, he would prefer to spend every minute in the garage working on the car project. Good thing these shelves took hardly anytime for him at all!
I got the idea for these narrow picture gallery style shelves for the nursery after searching for it on pinterest. I started shopping on Amazon for shelves like this to purchase. They were around $25 -$35 a shelf, plus shipping!! I was not thrilled about that. The total cost in materials was $22.00 in molding, screws and anchors. He made me 3, 4 foot shelves.

We didn't want to make an entire gallery wall like the inspiration photo below, although I love it, it feels busy for us.

Mr. B built the shelves in about 20 minutes. They are constructed out of baseboard molding pieces, primed MDF 2"x 1" and 3"x 1",  also 1/4 round in 1/2" out of pine.

I then painted the shelves, with two coats of some paint we had laying around from when we bought our home. Its Behr paint and primer in one, in "Cotton Whisper".

Here they are installed up on the wall parallel with the window wall. 

The best thing about these shelves is the low profile they have. They work great for areas that you can't afford to fit an entire deep bookshelf. Also they display the adorable children's books so much better than a regular bookshelf

We have added a few of our own children's books from way back when.... I also added a couple pictures of Mr. B when he was younger and a couple toys.

I loved being read to as a child, and I cannot wait to share that experience with our daughter. It leaves such a lasting impression on young children.

I kept my favorite books in such great condition too, even though for years I read them nightly they hardly look used. I've had fun adding some great new books to our baby registry, hope she loves them all!


Anonymous said...

I like the wall clock (Brixton) where did you find this?


Anonymous said...

I am coming to you from Poland. I admiring your mind, handsand great ideas.
Good luck and bye bye.
Hania from Wroclaw.

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