Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby leg warmers!

Baby legs are probably one of the best things ever. Kicking and crawling with cute little cubby rolls, how could they be any cuter?
Leg warmers! That's how.
It all started when a busy mom I know asked me about hand knitted legwarmers she saw on Pinterest. I said "I could do that" as I usually do and also convinced her she could too (with some free time which is hard to come by for some).

So I knitted these Wasabi & Bark colored warmers for our nephew Arlo.

They are knit out of an amazing superwash merino sock yarn called Shibui. It's one of the best quality yarns I've knitted with. I also made Mr. B a thin light weight beanie out of the same yarn.
Here he is wearing the beanie holding Arlo last month.

Here is my favorite picture of all. Just sent to me today, from Montana!
3 1/2 month old Arlo wearing the warmers I knit for him :) I hope they keep him nice and toasty.

I also just finished up the pair requested for a little girl, Nora who is 18 months.

These are the same size as baby Arlo's but will be worn like the two girls in the picture towards the bottom.

Pattern here on Ravelry.
They are a really quick knit, probably 2 to 3 evenings to finish a paitr.

The hot salmon pink and creamy white are a really bright combo and fun. They will look super cute over jeans.

Now do I need a pair? Maybe something a bit more neutral...


The DIY Show Off said...

SO precious! You're so talented - I recently gave knitting a try and my husband and I laughed so hard at the 'holey' result! One day, I'll knit like you do! ;)

Karine said...

I NEED some!!! Want to make me some?? ;)

Mr. + Mrs. B said...

Karine of course! What color?

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