Friday, January 1, 2010

Just for fun, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2010 to all!
We had a great day today. The first of the year, we took Baxter for a long walk in the cold brisk air. We had family visit us in our new home from out of town. Rory and I went to the apple store and I picked up my new laptop!!!! Yeah!
And we were invited over to a private beach house by friends in one of the most beautiful parts of our coast. The home was gorgeous, originally a very old monastery. The home once held nuns, but is now a beautiful Spanish style retreat right on the sand.
We came home after a nice walk on the beach, and I started my first project for next Christmas. I know its a bit late, or entirely too early as we have put all the decorations away and tree is in the back of Rory's truck. But I made this fast and easy tree skirt out of burlap from the hardware store. We will enjoy it in about a year!

Here is some video we took of Baxter doing what he does best. Digging in the back property hoping to find a gopher or squirrel. He so enjoys it, as you can tell from his grunts of satisfaction.

The newly renovated beach house we visited this afternoon. Although it was overcast the sea air was wonderful and the home was just beautiful.

I added knobs to my newly painted laundry room cabinets to make them easier to open. Not a big home improvement but it makes a difference when doing laundry on the on the go.

Here is Rory removing the mirrors from the master bath closet so we can take down the walls and start our demo next week. The mirrors will hopefully be going into my art room, I plan to mount them on the wall so I can practice yoga and dance and maintain the correct posture. Mirrors are quite expensive so I am glad I have a use for them.

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