Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Paint paint and more paint.

Well we have been painting for 3 days straight and today we took the time after work to go to Home Depot for more paint! We ran out of white and needed a few other things as well. Trips to the hardware store are becoming more frequent, and necessary in our lives all of a sudden. The yellow walls are looking so wonderful, the color is warm and fitting with the flooring. We are replacing all the old fashioned baffle recessed can light trims with more flush modern ones and they look great. I'll post pictures when we are done. Today we picked out the carpet and can't wait for that to be installed. It's Camelot brand, the style is "Matisse" and the color is "Easel". I just love the artistic connotations.
Here is the carpet pattern and color, click on it to see the slight pattern.

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