Saturday, March 27, 2010

It was worth the drive

We took a bit of a drive down south this morning bright and early to go pick up another thousand plus tiles we are going to need for our shower, and the two sinks. These are the replacement sinks that FedEx originally broke awhile back. The new ones are beautiful, it's hard to capture the true beauty of these hand painted Talavera ceramic sinks with my camera, but here are a couple shots of one of them. The boxes behind are about half of the tiles, the rest are in our den.

We also got a good amount of progress done on the bathroom. Rory and I poured in the concrete over the finished plumbing, and the gaping hole we have had in the floor for 3 weeks. I helped mix the cement with our mortar mixer, that thing really helped out but its hard to hang on to!

We gave the house a little branding, and although it will just be covered up with the floor, I like the fact that it's there. Our hearts are really going into this bathroom along with our hard work & sweat.

Rory put in the first layer of mortar in the shower floor last night, here it is. We just put in the shower liner and glued all the corners, tomorrow we can finish the final mortar floor.

This week we had the glass guys take the huge wall mirror down and they are going to cut it down slightly on all sides and reinstall it. Look how great the can lights look flush with the ceiling, as apposed to before in that lowered soffit we took out. Well it's hard to tell with the purple board up and unpainted, but it will look good, I promise!


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Janet said...

Great progress, love the "branding"

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