Friday, March 12, 2010

Craigslist you rocked today!

I spotted this very plain looking bookshelf for sale on craigslist in town. We are in dire need of a bookshelf, our books have been in a box since the move (August).
So I called the man and he said he had another one for sale too, and to come by and look. Rory and I headed out, only 3 blocks from our house, and as soon as we saw them we knew which one we wanted, the one below. He gave us a very good deal and it fits our decor perfectly.

Here is our new knotty pine bookshelf with drawers, pretty much exactly this. I'll fill it up by tonight but before that, here is a quick shot I snapped of it empty. Please excuse our mess, most of that is soon to be bathroom. Boxes of tile and kohler faucets have been on our floor for the last month.

Oh! Here is Rory with his first pair of glasses. I think he looks great in them, he's got kind of a Clark Kent Lumber jack thing going. :)

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