Sunday, February 7, 2010


Rory has talked about making homemade tamales for years, and with today being a blustery, windy cold day it was perfect to spend most of it in the kitchen trying them out. He did all of the cooking himself and made everything from scratch, and he couldn't be more excited. Rory rarely gets to cook, as I take over the kitchen most days, but today I'm feeling under the weather. We all know how much he loves Mexican food and really wanted to make these. I showed him how to wrap them and tie them up nice and neat, then he did the rest. I also made flan for dessert and he got himself some Corona's so he is all set!
We have these little cuties in the steamer, and the "autentica" meal should be ready in about an hour.

Baxter was very cute today as he watched "dad" aka Rory push the lawnmower around in the front yard. He looked like a cat sitting on top of the couch, I just had to snap a shot.

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