Friday, February 12, 2010

Bathroom idea board

Here is the latest mock up via Photoshop for our bathroom vanity and tile choices. It's ever changing and evolving as we get each step closer. Unfortunately the Talavera sinks we custom ordered from Mexico were broken on arrival via FedEx, so we will have to wait another 1 or 2 months for those replacements to come in. Fortunately we do have all the deco Talavera tiles in and the sink fragments to base the new color palate off of. The originally sample tile had an aqua trim in the tile, the custom ordered ones turned that color more into a light blue. Which we still like very much, but it's changed the paint color of the vanity.

Here is the latest configuration of the Vanity drawers and cabinets. We have decided a tilt out laundry hamper would be more practical for the center cabinet and the drawers have gotten shorter and we added 1 on each side, for a total of 9 working drawers.

We are going to repaint the now buttery white walls and lid of the room "Super White" to really make the Mexican White color tile pop, and have it more authentic looking. I am leaning towards this "Cedar Path" green for the vanity and I'm most likely going to faux distress it and age it with a brown glaze when I paint it.

Here is one of the sinks, so sad, but so beautiful!

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