Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wood choices

Well the extra bedroom, which I am calling my "Art Room" needs a floor. The existing Linoleum is definitely not staying. I need a flat hard surface to cut material for sewing projects, so tile is out, it can't be carpet either in case paint or charcoal gets on the floor. The floor we choose is also gong to be put in our master bathroom as we currently have white tile and old carpet in there now.
So we have decided to put in a dark stained, distressed hardwood floor to go with the distressed Saltillo tile and the new brown carpet. Here are two options we are considering.

Option #1.
This is the lighter of the two, a staggered size plank in 4" 5" and 6" plank widths.

Option #2.
Here is the darker of the two, in a thinner 3" plank all uniform in size.
(It looks like two different colors but this is the same sample, just my picture taking skills at work here)


Anonymous said...

I prefer option # 1. I think it would look great in the art room!
Janet O

The DIY Show Off said...

Congratulations! Shoot me an email at thediyshowoff at gmail dot com. I need to give you some information! ;)


Janet said...

Congratulations on the winning of the prize!

Janet said...

I have a question about the wood choices did you take any samples that were not distressed. I wonder what it would look like.

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