Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas morning and no power

We woke this morning to a beautiful Christmas day. We were enjoying the fire and our coffee as the cinnamon buns were rising. We opened our presents while the oven preheated, and then the power went out! We waited... and waited... and walked the dog.... then waited a bit more....
Around noon the power came back on, and we were smelling our cinnamon rolls baking shortly after.

Rory was very excited for them and we were both so hungry by then.

My cool Cowboy boot remover, Rory thought I would love the shape of it. He told me a funny story about the women in the store telling him what they thought it was. One said, "it's a cricket!" Another said, "I think it's a cockroach" We were laughing at that although it's similar, we both thought it was quite obvious what it was in the shape of. Do you know? It one of my favorite ancient symbols, and is also one of the logos of Rory's favorite car paint company.

Baxter had a great Christmas day, with a new toy and two walks. Plus a bonus dinner of left over mashed potatoes and prime rib drippings and kibble!

1 comment:

Janet said...

OK the boot remover is it a scarab
beetle? It is really different.
Where in the world did Rory find it?

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