Saturday, December 12, 2009

I won!

I entered a contest to win one of many prizes given away on one of my favorite blogs. The blog posts wonderful DIY makeovers including furniture, fixtures, decor, and much more.
"The DIY Show Off"
The DIY Show Off

I won an 8x10 print of my choice from Etsy seller Hirondelle Rustique

Her Prints are on Archival paper and look lovely in a matte and frame, which I plan to do with ours. Here were my other choices, but I could only pick one. I love the tree, but we have nothing with those colors. And the fox is so whimsical and just our style.

I chose this subtle neutral beige and white botanical print to go along with our botanical theme in the Master Bedroom. I can't wait to get it! And I still can believe I won something, that never happens.


Janet said...

I love the botanical print,it matches nicely with your master bedroom motif.
Its really fun to win prizes, hope this winning streak continues for you!

Natalie Catherine said...

yay for winning! those are beautiful.

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