Thursday, November 19, 2009

Refinished cabinets

I'm finely getting to posting the refinished cabinets in our laundry room. We have a narrow hall of a laundry room, but its still important to me to make it look cute and bright.
The dark wood of the mid seventy's was putting a damper on my laundering bliss. So it had to go.


Rory and I sanded the cabinets and doors to remove the finish and to give a good surface for the paint to attach to.
I removed the ancient contact paper from the interior shelves, using this handy dandy tool, a razor scraper.
Painting the inside of the cabinets with a crisp clean white finish really made a difference.
I did a fast paint job with an eggshell paint and primer in one Behr latex in Newport Blue. Then lightly distressed it to reveal some of the wood below. I wanted an old farm style look for these 3 cabinets. I might add some nobs to the doors if I find the right ones. It has made our laundry room light and airy.


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