Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not a fan of fans?

Its no secret that ceiling fans can be ugly, most of them are not on a decorators list to install, more like remove. But we find them an everyday necessity. We sleep just a little better every night with our ceiling fan on low just to have that slight breeze in the room. We are addicted to it, and our trusty Hunter fan has really been a good one, its been on every night for 7 years now. So while shopping to replace the awful disasters (see below) that we inherited with the purchase of our home, I looked at the same brand.
With a little sleuthing online I found that Home Depot dot com has a Presidents Day sale still on if you shop and use the code PRES40 at checkout you get 40% off ceiling fans till 3/10/11.
That's awesome savings!
So I picked out 2 for practically the price of one of these low profile, Hunter fans named "Vancouver".

Not too bad for a fan? Well better than some.

I can't wait to install them. One is going in our guestroom so our friends and family don't have to stare at this!

Ahhhh! I know pretty bad huh?
This lovely spot light style aged brass fan from the 80's is not really working in our guestroom. It's so bright but in a bad way.

And the other is going in my craft/art/dance/extra guestroom. Where this shiny gold colored brass fan with frosted and fluted glass lamps has been. Isn't is bad? Check out the southwestern motive pull, a pink coyote.

I am replacing these with much joy, not only because the existing are severe eyesores but also with the new low profile one I won't hit my hands on the fan blades while dancing or doing yoga, yay!
Thanks to our 8' ceilings this has been a problem. My art room is fitted with one wall of full length mirrors just so I can practice my dance in there and I also use the room for yoga. I am not tall by any means but being 5' 5" and reaching to the ceiling my hands would often get whacked with the fan blades.
I hope the almost 4" height difference of these low profile fans will put an end to that. I'll post pics as soon as we get then in and installed.

Oh, I wanted to show off my salad making skills too while I'm at it. Every Wednesday my local grocery store gives 20% off everything to special card holders, you just have to buy a $35 pass for the year and the money for those goes directly to the high school football team. So in an effort to use up what we had so I wouldn't need to run to store for groceries till tomorrow, I came up with Cobb salads or a version of them.
They were yum, I made croutons and sauteed fresh asparagus from my folks garden. Avo and a chopped hb egg, also some shredded celery root (which I have been addicted to for months) and fresh radishes from my parents neighbors garden. SO GOOD.

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-Kasey said...

Love the ceiling fan you chose. I agree... their not exactly 'pretty' when it comes to decorating but sometimes function overrides design lol. -Last summer our A/C kicked the bucket and let me tell you... those fans helped out a lot to circulate the air [and we live in Florida so you can imagine how hot it was out!].

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