Friday, August 7, 2009


Holy Cannoli! I never thought I would have such awesome new appliances.
We got the first delivery today. They installed the Refrigerator, and it is sweet. So many bells and whistles that we are really going to enjoy, filtered water dispenser inside the door, and an automatic ice maker in the drawer freezer! Too cool. We ordered the standard size ($) although the space was for a commercial fridge ($). Rory will build some additional shelving above the fridge to fill in the space. I'm thinking cook book storage?
We also got in the Dishwasher, Microwave, Sink and Faucet, and they threw in a free garbage disposal too. I have never had a kitchen with a dishwasher or disposal and can't wait for the convenience of it, I cook so much I am sure it will save us time and we'll be spoiled immediately. Those we'll wait to install ourselves as the counters are still in the works. Rory headed out to pick up the concrete materials just now and will start on the molds in the next few days.
We should be getting in the Range/Oven in about a month, it was a special order as the counters are not standard depth (24", ours are 30"). The commercial range was the only kind that fit properly, and we ordered it in Cobalt Blue and Stainless. Can't wait!

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