Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baxter 3 1/2 years

Running at top speed, you can tell by the ears.

New Toy Day!

Baxter, our little guy has been enjoying himself lately. He had a new friend come by and spend a long time playing his favorite game, Tug-a-War!
He and the little Border Collie puppy (about 4 months old) played "tug" for at least 15 minutes non stop. Then continued the day of play with about an hour of "you chase me, then I'll chase you."
Baxter sounds vicious, but that's just how our little terrier plays, he is really having a blast, I swear!
Also he got a new toy, its a plush tree trunk with 3 little squeaky squirrels that fit inside. Baxter's 2nd favorite game is pulling toys out of things, so it was hard to resist for Rory, and he had to purchase the toy for his boy!

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